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STRONG GUARD MAG is designed to interact with the Apple MagSafe ecosystem. Thanks to the integrated magnets, the case aligns perfectly with the phone and allows charging and docking with the MagSafe charger.It is the ultra-protective hard case with a raised edge and reinforced corners, made from technologically advanced materials that absorb and disperse the shocks caused by falls. IDS (Impact Dissipating System)™ technology, developed by Cellularline, uses innovative Versaflex™ material which dissipates the energy created by the impact, preventing possible damage to the external and internal components of the smartphone. It is made with Microban® antibacterial technology, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacterial growth on the case's surface and is constantly active because it is integrated into the Tetra Force Strong Guard material.Tetra Force Strong Guard has a lifetime guarantee: learn more by visiting Cellularline's Guaranteed For Life section

Technical features:

  • Reinforced corners for greater protection against accidental drops
  • Designed to interact with the Apple MagSafe ecosystem
  • I.D.S. (Impact Dissipating System)™️: This innovative system uses shockproof material that provides the best protection for your smartphone from accidental knocks and drops
  • Microban®️ antibacterial technology built into the case material
  • It has passed the Military Test, an internationally recognised certification which proves resistance to knocks and drops
  • This case contains recycled material

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