Our Mission


Our Story

Launched in 2017, two entrepreneurs have created MR Global Trading with a knowledge of Swiss distribution in order to trade in the field of accessories and electronics.

In 2019, Antonio Miscioscia a shareholder, continues the adventure alone to try and grow the business.

Old Logo MR Global Trading

In 2021, a few accessories for mobile phones are created, and the first big import starts.

In 2022, a project is launched with external entities on the development of a cover for Apple. In addition, a fashion project was created by Marie-Louise Urso called Miss G.

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In 2023, a project is launched with the help of David Bise for digital activities to reach consumers. Furthermore, the company gets into the process of rebranding.

Our Origin

MR Global has been created to have phone accessories for men and women. This is how we came up with the idea of brand identity of the story Adam and Eve, which will perfectly represent our men's and women's collections.

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Our Collaboration

We are in partnership with Cellularline Group, which includes the brand Cellularline, which is currently the leading European brand in the accessories market for smartphones and tablets.

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Our Partners