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DEEP are the wireless headphones with Low Latency technology for perfect synchronisation between audio and video. The ON-EAR earphones are fitted with adjustable ear hooks so they adapt easily to any face shape and are padded for maximum comfort even during extended use. The fabric covering on the earphones ensures they are pleasant to the touch and makes the headphones look stylish. DEEP guarantee up to 25h of playtime so you can listen to your favourite playlist without any interruptions. The controls are placed directly on the earphone to manage music and answer calls thanks to the built-in microphone.

Technical features:

  • Completely Wireless: free from wires. Enjoy music and calls in total freedom with wireless earphones.
  • Controller to adjust the volume, manage tracks and answer calls directly from the earcup
  • Flexible headband to ensure greater comfort and stability.
  • Low Latency ensures perfect synchronization between sound and screen images, providing an ideal gaming experience.

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