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CRYSTAL are the Bluetooth earphones equipped with ENC, Environment Noise Cancelling technology. This innovative technology significantly reduces ambient noise and makes your voice clearer during telephone conversations, letting you hear the person on the other end perfectly. Each earphone indeed has 2 microphones, one for voice and the other for noise. CRYSTAL also features the Low Latency function which ensures that the sound is synchronised with the image on the screen, to let you enjoy an ideal listening and gaming experience. The Low Latency function, the volume and calls are managed directly from the earphones via touch controls, without the need to take your phone out of your pocket. CRYSTAL is designed to go everywhere with you, thanks to their 3.5 hour play time and ability to be recharged up to four times, offering a total of 14 hours of freedom.When they are taken out of their case the earphones connect automatically to your device, while the Double Master function allows you to use a single earphone at a time, saving battery life.The capsule shape ensures optimum comfort, with the earphone adapting perfectly to your ear to offer a high-quality listening experience, with rich, deep bass.

Technical features:

  • Environmental Noise Cancelling Technology: technology that reduces unwanted noise on calls, for optimal listening by the interlocutor.
  • Low Latency ensures perfect synchronisation between sound and screen images, providing an ideal gaming experience.
  • “STREAMING TOP SOUND TECHNOLOGY”: optimises sound quality even for streamed music
  • AUTOPAIRING FUNCTION: Upon removal from the case, both earpieces are connected to each other,
  • Touch controls. Songs and calls handled directly from the headset. Play time: 3,5 hours, total play time with charging case 14 hours

Additional content:

  • Charge cable


  • Capsule

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