Bluetooth magnetic holder for taking pictures with smartphones

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PICS MAG is the Bluetooth magnetic holder designed to offer an unprecedented photographic experience. Compatible with Apple's MagSafe ecosystem, PICS MAG magnetically attaches to the iPhone, providing unparalleled stability and convenience. But that's not all. PICS MAG is designed to meet the needs of all photography enthusiasts, not just iPhone users. Thanks to its included metal ring, this magnetic holder is also fully compatible with Android smartphones. One device, two ecosystems. The innovation of PICS MAG is also manifested in its flexibility. In addition to allowing you to take selfies by conveniently pressing the shutter button directly on the holder, the PICS MAG includes a practical Bluetooth remote control to capture the perfect moments from a distance. Unleash your creativity with the ability to rotate the smartphone up to 180Ā°, allowing portrait or landscape mode shots with unprecedented ease. Immerse yourself in a world of photographic possibilities with PICS MAG. Whether you're an iPhone enthusiast or a loyal Android user, PICS MAG is the ideal companion for any photo enthusiast. Make your selfies and photos unforgettable with this state-of-the-art Bluetooth magnetic holder.


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