Shade Laptop 20000

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SHADE LAPTOP 20000 is the powerbank with modern fabric cover which makes it attractive and ergonomic, ensuring a solid yet soft-touch grip.What's more, thanks to the Device Detect system, SHADE LAPTOP 20000 recognises the connected device and activates the most suitable charging technology, supplying up to 65W of power.The USB-C Power Delivery 65 W port makes this power bank the perfect device for charging MacBooks,USB-C Laptops and Tablets.

Technical features:

  • Battery capacity: 20000 mAh
  • DESIGN and TECHNOLOGY: SHADE chargers are a marvel of Style and Technology. Featuring a colourful fabric cover and next-gen technology to guarantee the best charging on the go.
  • 100% SAFE: Cellularline Power Banks are designed to charge your devices in complete safety. Featuring individually tested and certified cells.
  • DEVICE DETECT: this system allows the Power Bank to recognise connected devices and to activate the most suitable charging technology, while always guaranteeing the fastest possible charging speed.
  • USB-C 65W technology: The USB-C port with a 65W output makes this Power Bank perfect for charging MacBooks, USB-C laptops and tablets.
  • The pack includes: Portable charger, USB-C cable, Instructions.

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