PowerCube étendu 4xT13 et 2xUSB

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Allocacoc Tabletop power strip PowerCube Extended USB 4x T13 blank
Multi-socket outlet in elegant cubic design. Plastic table-top power strip for indoor use 4 T13-type sockets 1.5 m long cable

Additional equipment: 2x USB 5V, 2.1A, bracket and adhesive tape.

Bracket included for mounting on many surfaces.

Allocacoc's PowerCube Extended USB is a versatile multiple socket with integrated USB charger that will inspire you with its exceptional design. It offers you three T13 outlets with a total peak current of up to 10 amps, plus two USB ports for charging smartphones or tablets.

They deliver currents of up to 2.1 amps. Thanks to the 1.5-meter-long cable, USB plugs and connections are always available wherever you need them.

Mounts on almost any surface
The PowerCube Extended USB can be mounted under the table, on the shelf or on the wall using the supplied bracket and adhesive strips. If you wish, you can remove the PowerCube from the bracket with a single turn if you wish to use it elsewhere. The adhesive tape can be removed from most surfaces without leaving any residue.


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