Dual Super Fast Charger 25W

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DUAL SUPER FAST CHARGER is the mains charger that offers the perfect solution for charging two Samsung devices at the same time, letting you either use the USB-C to USB-C cable in the pack of new Samsung devices in the Galaxy S21 range or USB cables. When used separately, the USB-C port provides maximum charging speed for Samsung devices thanks to its 25W Super Fast Charge technology. When the two ports are used at the same time, the charger reduces the maximum power supplied to a total of 15W to guarantee a completely safe charge.

Technical features:

  • All the convenience you have been looking for: you can charge your devices simultaneously thanks to the various available ports
  • Pack Contents: Mains charger, Instructions
  • Power Delivery 25W. The most advanced charging technology to charge iPhones and latest generation Samsung USB-C devices at maximum speed
  • 100% safe. The electronics are designed to prevent overheating, and the protective circuit prevents overloads and short circuits


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